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The account balance shows how much commission you currently earned. The amount of the commission always refers to the net value of completed orders via your discount code or referral link, if you use it. If you use the link, you can also see how many people have visited the shop via this link.


Under Sales, you can track a for defined period when something was purchased via your recommendation link and how much your commission was.

Payment History:

In the payment history, you can see when you received which withdrawals. We always transfer the commissions automatically at the beginning of the month. For this to work, please deposit your Paypal account under “Edit profile. ” If you would like a bank transfer, just select “Manual Withdrawal” there and tell us your IBAN at with your e-mail address, first name and surname.

Promotional Tools:

You have received your personal discount code from us by mail. If you no longer have it, simply contact us at we'll re-send it to you again. If you want to use it, you can find your personal referral link here. It leads to the home page. If you have a website or a blog, you will find several HTML snippets below.

Edit Profile:

In order for us to be able to pay out to you at all, please enter your desired payout method under "Edit profile": PayPal or manual withdrawal. In case of a manual withdrawal please send us your IBAN, first name and surname to, otherwise we cannot pay out. You can also change your password here.

That’s it!

That was all! But since you will always be informed by mail about a purchase using your discount code or referral link anyway and the payout is automatic, you usually don't need to bother here often. The only important thing is that you deposit your desired payout method, so that you then also receive your commission!